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I constantly find myself looking for different angles to approach my work. This often leads to an extended fascination for technology, particularly for teleportation, as it exceeds travel or transport, it is the freedom to be able to move without borders.

I see Portals as a medium, a doorway to another dimension. Experiencing the intervening substance through which sensory impressions are conveyed or physical forces are transmitted. (Trust me, i just googled this.) Less confusing examples would be photographs or smells transporting you back to memory lane or reaching altered states of consciousness through sexual escapades. There is portal potential…

“They just stared at me like I was a monkey at the zoo”

I remember, more than a decade ago, the first time I spoke and presented my work to a group of people in Amsterdam.
I had to explain to them what I was doing in order to get funding for my project, and at the same time some of them lectured me on ‘the best way to get into the art scene’. As soon as I mentioned what is now called augmented reality — teleportation devices, being completely digital, and the worst, DIGITAL ART — I lost them. They…

Launching this Sunday the 28th of February, what is the third and last in a row of the ‘Portal’ series: PORTAL 4141

Film frame from PORTAL 4141
Frame capture of Portal 4141

I’d briefly like to share some of my insights about the process. My work mainly consists of hours and hours spent on details. Coming as I do from (and still practising) Hyper Realistic drawings, and once in a while oil painting, I tend to get deeply obsessed at times by the imagery. Some might call it a flow, but for me it mostly means overloading on imbalances through shape, colours, movement and sound. At that point my suffering…



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