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Coming Home to Crypto Art.

“They just stared at me like I was a monkey at the zoo”

I remember, more than a decade ago, the first time I spoke and presented my work to a group of people in Amsterdam.
I had to explain to them what I was doing in order to get funding for my project, and at the same time some of them lectured me on ‘the best way to get into the art scene’. As soon as I mentioned what is now called augmented reality — teleportation devices, being completely digital, and the worst, DIGITAL ART — I lost them. They just stared at me like I was a monkey at the zoo.
After that interview a well-dressed elderly gentleman, Mr. Shimizu, took me aside. He told me, he thought I was onto something, but that they were a bunch of privileged old people with a different way of thinking to most young people out there, so maybe I should just carry on doing what I’m doing and forget what I’d just been told.

After more than twenty-odd visits to various foundations I felt I was stuck in an endless loop, like Groundhog day. I stopped being stubborn and took Mr. Shimizu’s advice to heart. (mostly it felt like waxing on, waxing off like the karate kid

I was a classic frustrated starving artist, with no resources to build ‘great’ installations. Over time I finally got it figured out, or so I thought. Why do I need to make money or get recognition for my art? I’ve never sent an invoice to my mom for all the drawings I did for her, and I can earn a living doing other things… I carried on slowly steering the same course as my father, working in construction as a welder and spending my free time making art just for the sake of feeling alive.

It was in 2009 when I saw the Ray Kurzweil documentary ‘Transcendent Man’ and read articles like this that I found my real path. It gave me a clear indication from that point on of where I needed to be.

Fast-forward roughly 10 years. While reading up on NFT’s and getting into cryptocurrency as a basis for learning how to invest, I got in touch with the guys from Superrare and Knownorigin and uploaded my first piece. A few days later it sold, and I was deeply moved.
My initial reaction was greed filling my ego. But once I calmed down it became clear that fortunately something more profound had happened. I had (as dramatic it may sound #barf) finally found my home, in the realms of the digital world — a connected community of mostly free-spirited, open minded individuals that I can only describe as brightly-coloured energies… okay, that sounds a bit like the mushrooms just kicked in!

It truly amazes me that I’m connected every single day to people all over this planet through digital code, yet that, to me, is reality.

I’ll be waxing on, waxing off till my AI device (called Mr. Miyagi) says it’s had enough for the day and teleports me to bed.

MORE TO COME! and thank you for your time,