The third and last in a row of the ‘Portal’ series: PORTAL 4141

Film frame from PORTAL 4141
Frame capture of Portal 4141

I’d briefly like to share some of my insights about the process. My work mainly consists of hours and hours spent on details. Coming as I do from (and still practising) Hyper Realistic drawings, and once in a while oil painting, I tend to get deeply obsessed at times by the imagery. Some might call it a flow, but for me it mostly means overloading on imbalances through shape, colours, movement and sound. At that point my suffering means I’m really not a happy camper. But luckily experience usually kicks in and calms me down ;)
Most of the time my due diligence of ‘suffering’ and ‘getting lost in details’ rewards me.

Lots of my work relationships are built around science, the basics of which oddly enough, as a highly visual person, I’m slow in understanding in the grand skeme of things… It takes me some time to get acquainted with the technological aspect of things. In spite of this, I do believe there is a great symbiotic relationship between the two and i love to push the boundaries towards the unknown.

In close collaboration with future scientists i am able to capture these ‘field recordings’ of their experimental programs. Having captured the event I then modify it to fit into my ‘painting’, by highlighting for instance the flowing particles, the shutter speed at which I record the quantum teleportation transfer of matter, or the moment when the sound matches the acoustic wave as it deforms on these high speed transmissions…
Maybe i need to stop here and let you find your own interpretation of the works;)

_WORK 01 | PORTAL 224

Screen capture from

A field recording of teleportal test 224. I used the footage to mix it up with the concept of Yin and Yang in an endless loop.
Looking at the sky makes me wonder of the dark/bright future we are heading.

You can hear a quote by Ray Kurzweil.

_WORK 02 | PORTAL 001

Screen capture from

This work contains the first ever shot taken at: TELEPORTAL 001.

You’ll see two versions of the field recordings: in the first, you can actually hear the sound — the portal is picking up signals from another location (Granted there will be some minor issues…)

The second recording was actually my personal view on the experience.

_WORK 03 | PORTAL 4141

A field recording of teleportal 4141. It was the fourth test, listening to a segment of the subject: V_38. as she was being interviewed by NASA just after her first teleportal experience.

I have left the glitches in as they seemed to me to complement the overall feel of the piece.


My future plans include a collaboration with the freshest kid on the blockchain: GAN
(Generative Adversarial Network) and Augmented reality, so please let me know if you can suggest some interesting locations in the world where you would like to see a Teleport?

Thank you for you’re time,